About Us

TiltPro supplies casting, lifting and bracing accessories to the tilt-up building industry throughout Western Australia. TiltPro also does engineering design for the safe lifting and bracing of concrete wall panels, and it has been supplying the accessories for about 3000 panels per year. TiltPro is a small family business that has been serving the tilt-up industry since 1998. We pride ourselves in the successful lifting of complex shaped tilt-up panels, so if you are planning to build using tilt-up please contact us:

Tel: (08) 9439 6405

Email: estimating@tiltpro.com.au

Address: 9 Yeates Rd, Kwinana Beach WA 6167

Business hours: 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM




Panel Design

TiltPro does the tilt-up engineering design of concrete wall panels for their safe lifting from their casting beds to their final erected position. TiltPro’s engineers also  design the safe temporary propping of the erected  panels against wind loads until the roof steel structures are fixed to the panels, and the bottom of the panels are permanantly fixed to their footing or the slab.

A finite element analysis software is used to do the stress analysis for the safe lifting of each concrete tilt-up wall panel that is weakened by wide windows or roller doors. An example of the stress analysis results of a panel given in the above picture shows the high stress concentration areas  that require additional reinforcing bars for its safe lifting.

Panel Lifting

The above photo shows, a complex shaped tilt-up wall panel being lifted by a crane using TiltPro clutches and strongbacks.

Panel Bracing

The above photo shows tilted panels supported by TiltPro braces.

For this case, the weights of the panels have to be taken into consideration when designing the safe propping of the panels because the panels are not standing vertically.